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(ESTD. 1775 A.D.)

Inspired by Divine Teachigs and Beliefs, Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Akhund Neyamatullah Sharif (RA) the noble father of Hazrat Sufi-Safi Hajjiul Haramine Sharifaine Shah Syed Muhammad Meherullah (RA) initiated a spiritual mission in the year 1775 AD. Hazrat Sufi Safi Syed Meherullah (RA) lateron formally founded the World Spiritual Guidance and Research Foundation (WSGRE) for  the promotion  of    Spiritualism,  Faith,  Justice,  Peace  and  Divine  Culture.  This  humanistic  spiritual  mission  had  been  developed  and  propagated  by  his  son  Hazrat  Shah  Sufi  Syed  Ahmed  Ali @  Jan  Sharif  Shah  Sureswari (pbuh)  and  his  grandson  Hazrat  Shah Sufi Syed Nuri Shah @  Abdul Hye (pbuh).  It  has  been  reorganized  and  developed  for  worldwide  activities  by  Al-Hajj  Shah  Sufi  Syed  Nuri  Akhtar  Hossain  Ahmadi  Nuri  @  Chunnu  Miah  Shah ( Pir Saheb of  Sureswar Darbar Sharif ),  who  is  the  great-grandson  of  its  founder.   He  inherits  the  wisdom  that  good  deeds  and  good  people  promote  civilization  and  civil  society.  Therefore  he  shuns  and  opposes  arrogance,  terrorism,  cruelty,  vulgarity,  insanity  and  such  other  vices.  The  spiritual  mission  of  WSG&F  is  to  promote  Divine Culture  to  reform  the  sinners  and  deliver  the mankind, society  and  civilization from  evil  instincts and  spirits.   

Human being is the supreme creation of God. Apparently the humanity is divided  into  genders,  races,  tribes,  communities,  nations, colors,  languages,  religions,  creeds,  sects,  classes,  professions  and  so  on.  But  actually  mankind  is  the  progeny  of  a  single pair of parents  Adam & Eve.


God says in the Holy Koran :

“O mankind! Reverence

Your Guardian-Lord

Who created you

From a single Person,

Created, of like nature,

His mate, and form them twain

Scattered (like seeds)

Countless men and women;

Reverence God, through Whom

Ye demand your mutual (rights),

And (reverence) the wombs

(That bore you): for God

Ever watches over you.

-The Holy Koran-IV:1 (Sura Nissa.:1)


The origin of Mankind is a single family. Aim of   WSG&RF is to bring the hearts of all human being of the globe closer together to feel like a family, bonded to each other by love and compassion. Today God has Blessed us with marvelous scientific and technological inventions and developments which are turning the world virtually into a Global Village. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWS), the Last Prophet of God, said : “ One who does not have love in heart, is not a believer.”

When men and women truly turn to God, love God and are loved by God – they attain ability to truly love each other and love the creation of God. Oppressive discriminations are against Divine will. God has Endowed Mankind with intelligence and rationality. Man is able to expand its supremacy and domination over others. When human being indulges in evil instincts and transgressions, he or she becomes oppressor not only on others but also on his or her “self”.

Divine Teaching is “know thyself”. The more we know ourselves, the more we know God. The more we know God,

The more we love to surrender to God. The more we  love God, the more we love God’s creations. A spiritually educated soul is a calm soul who depends on Divine Providence and does not resort to sinful violent and terrorist means. When the world will be predominantly inhabited and ruled by spiritual people, peace and prosperity will prevail everywhere. Therefore, universal cultivation of spirituality is urgently needed to make the world peaceful as well as prosperous.

Present Custodian

Al-Hajj Shah Sufi Syed Nuri Akhtar Hossain Ahmadi Nuri, the able son of Hazrat Syed Nuri Shah (RA) is the Current president of the World Spiritual Guidance & Research Foundation. He is also the Current Custodian of Darbar-e-Aulia Sureswar Dayera Sharif (The Holy Shrine of Sureswari R.A). He recieved his education in Theology and Law. He also did his Master of Arts in Bengali Language & Literature from Dhaka University. He alongwith his noble sons are devoted to fulfilling the will of their noble ancestors.

Keeping abreast of his time he is reorganizing the activities and interpreting the principles as per Divine Will. As a Spiritual Ambassador of Hazrat Sureswari (RA) he has been travelling inside and outside Bangladesh to promote humanitarian virtues through the principles of his ancestors, Viz Spiritualism, Faith, Justice, Peace and Divine Culture.

Thousands of activists and followers of World Spiritual Guidance and Research Foundation have formed the following Steering Committee, who will work towards the implementation of the objectives of the organization for next five year upto December 31, 2023.

The Members of the Committee are as following :

  1. President : Al-Hajj Shah Sufi Syed Nuri Akhtar Hossain Ahmadi Nuri
  2. Vice President : Shah Nuri Saiful Murshed Mawla
  3. Secretary General : S N Manzur Murshed
  4. Deputy Secretary General : S N Ahmed Murshed
  5. Publication Secretary : S N Ehsan Murshed
  6. Office Secretary : S N Ata Murshed Naushad
  7. Member : Md. Helal Uddin Khan
  8. Member : Sk. Mahfuzul Bashar
  9. Member : Maulana Md. Borhan
  10. Member : Md. Giasuddin Mia
  11. Member : Monnaf Akhanda Madhu
  12. Member : Md. Shahin
  13. Member : Md. Montu Mia

Al-Hajj Shah Sufi Syed Nuri Akhtar Hossain Ahmadi Nuri and his son S.N. Saiful Murshed Mawla are working simultaneously both from their offices in Dhaka City and in The Holy Shrine of Sureswar. They are the Custodian & Administrator of following organisations :

  1. World Spiritual Guidance & Research Foundation;
  2. Hazrat Rasul-noma Waisi Pir Foundation;
  3. Sureswar Darbar Jam-e-Masjid (Mosque);
  4. Darbar-e-Awlia Sureswar Dayera Sharif
  5. Ahmadi Nuri Manzil Musafir Khana (Free Inn for visitors)
  6. Ahmadi Nuri Manzil Alms-house (Free Food for Pilgrims)
  7. Mashik Sureswar (Monthly Magazine)
  8. International Moon Sighting Committee
  9. Ahmadi Nuri Kutubkhana (Publisher & Seller)


Founder OF WSG&RF:

World Spiritual Guidance and Research Foundation was established by Hazrat Sufi-Safi Hajjiul Haramin Sharifain Shah Syed Muhammad Meherullah (RA), the son of  Hazrat Shah Sufi Syed Akhund Neyamatullah Sharif (RA), the son of  Hazrat  Maulana  Shah Sufi Didar Ullah  Sharif (RA) who  migrated to Bengal from  the city of  Medina  of Arabian Peninsula. His family settled in the village Isa-Pasha in the District of Faridpur of Bengal. They initiated this spiritual mission.



Hazrat Sufi Syed Ahmed Ali  @ Jan Sharif Shah Sureswari (RA) was the able son of Hazrat Syed Meherullah (RA). Hazrat Sureswari (RA) reorganized and elaborated the spiritual mission of his pious parents. For this purpose he also founded Darbar-e-Awlia and Dayera Sharif near his Village home on the bank of the River Padma (The Ganges). It is now well-known as the Holy Shrine of Sureswari (RA).  Like his noble parents he was also non-communal and served the humanity irrespective of religion, caste, creed, class or gender. Hazrat Sureswari (RA) was a highly learned scholar known as Shamsul Ulema (the sun of the Theologians). During British Colonial era he served Calcutta Gov’t Alia Madrasa as its Head Moulana (Head Theologian) for long 20 years.  He  preached  religious  spiritualism  in  the  whole  of  Eastern  and North-Eastern region of the Indian Sub-continent, including Greater Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Asam.  He had millions of disciples and devotees, both men and women, Hindus and Muslims, Bengalees  and Non-Bengalees. This famous Great Sufi saint departed on 18th November 1919 ( 02nd Agrahayan, 1326 Bengali year) at 5:15 P.M. at his own Khanka Sharif, Darba-e-Awalia, Sureswar Daira Sharif, P.S: Naria, Dist: : Shariatpur (Greater Faridpur ).

After his departure in 1919 A.D.his  mystic  spiritualist  son  Hazrat Sufi Nuri Shah @ Syed Abdul Hye (RA)  became  the mantle of the spiritual heritage of this great Sufi family. He graduated from Calcutta Gov’t Alia Madrasa. He was a great Islamic scholar and authority on the Traditions of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and on Religious Decree (Mohaddes and Mufti).  He  practiced  and  promoted universal humanistic virtues. During his time the Holy Shrine of Sureswari (RA) became a Divine Spiritual center for millions of men and women, poor & rich, Muslims and Non-Muslims, Bengaless & Non-Bengalees.


Voluntary Nazar, Niaz, Hadiya, Manat,  Sadka  and such other religious  volutary offerings,  presents,  endowments,  contributions, donations  etc., by  the  followers,  devotees  and  well-wishers  are  the  main  sources  of  income.  There are  also  considerable  properties and farmlands belonging to the Darbar  both  in Sureswar  and  in  other  parts  of  Bangladesh.  Many  of  the activities  and  works  of  Darbar-e-Awlia Sureswar Dayera Sharif,  the Holy Shrine, the World Spiritual Guidance & Research Foundation and of  other related organs  are  performed  by  voluntary  services  of  the  devotees  and  followers.  Most of the income is spent in the way of Allah.  The Cusotdian  also  receives  financial  support  from  the  private  businsess  enterprises  of  the  family  members.  Donations and  assistance  by  solvent  individuals,  organizations  and  governments  for  cultural  exchanges  and  humanitarian  programmes  are  also  acceptable.


  1. Promotion of Spiritualism, Love, Compassion and Divine Culture to attain and maintain Justice, Peace, Humanism and universal Fraternity of the Mankind.
  2. Helping the orphan, widow, old, handicapped, weak, pauper, poor, diseased, oppressed, needy traveller, unemployed, uneducated, under-privileged needy people, particularly women& children, to redress their woes. Making organizational and structural facilities available for this purpose.
  3. Promoting Divine Teachings about cleanliness, sanity and hygiene to keep mind, body, clothes, home and street clean.
  4. Initiating or participating in programmes or projects for pure drinking water, water supply, sanitation , housing, medical treatment and similar facilities for the people.
  5. Promoting Divine Teachings to help settle quarrels and disputes.
  6. Peacefully combating superstitions, prejudice, hatred, orthodoxy, cruelty, vulgarity, insanity, rudeness, irrationality and such other evil practices and instincts.
  7. Peacefully combating violence and inhuman oppressive discriminations based on genders, colors, religious identity, ethnicity, language, nationality, caste, sect, class, profession, wealth, privileges, etc.
  8. Peacefully exposing the vices of injustice, deprivation, arrogance, discriminations, ethnic cleansing, oppression, terrorism and environmental degradation. Simultaneously inspiring people to learn and adopt Divine recourse.
  9. Promoting human spirit for scientific and technological inventions and discoveries.
  10. Peacefully combating atheism, materialism, misuse of wealth & knowledge and such other vices caused by evil instincts.
  11. Peacefully &Spiritually combating the trend of using violence and terrorism to attain goals.
  12. Promoting Dialogues, Reconciliation and Collaboration among leaders of the nations and communities of the world.

13.     Making organizational and stractural facilities available for promotion of the above programes & Divine culture.

Address :

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Rest House for the Pilgrims, Visitors & Tourists :

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